Trendsetter Alert: Look Who Wore It! Milan (May 2020)

Trendsetter Alert: Look Who Wore It! Milan (May 2020)

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Spotlight of Instagram toddler wearing Rah Love’s Boutique fashion. #RLBKids

May 2020


This month’s Instagram spotlight is...



Milan is 5 years old and lives in North Carolina. We asked Destiney (Milan’s mom) some questions about Milan and this is what she had to say about her little trendsetter.

GIF Milan IG Toddler Package I'm Here Toddler Boutique

Q: How would you describe Milan's personality? 

A: "Possessive lovable strong willed. She always wants to know why and how something works. Always wants to learn she's definitely and introvert. Caring, rambunctious and a strong leader."

Q: How would you describe her style? 

A: "Comfy ,yes stylish and bright!" 

Tutu Legging Toddler Boutique

Picture: Tutu Leggings

Q: What is Milan's favorite thing to wear?

A: " JoJo bows, dresses, rainbow shirts." 

Q: What is something Milan can not leave home without? 

A: "Her iPad and a book bag filled with snacks and drinks 😂😊"


"Milan is a very sweet child who loves her family and her friends."~ Destiney

 MILAN Double Denim Set

Picture: Double Denim Set

Q: Name a word or phrase she says all the time. 

A: "But I’m just a kid” 😉🤗

Q: Name some of your favorite brands Milan wears often.

A: " Rah Love's Boutique, Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Children’s Place." 

Q: When did you notice Milan was interested in fashion?

A: "After one day I tried to dress her in something for school and she did not like it and decided to pick her own outfit 😂" 

Q: What else should we know about Milan?

A: "Milan is a very sweet child who loves her family and her friends. 💗"

Red rose Sweater set Rah Love's Boutique

Picture: Red Rose Sweater Set

Milan embodies our slogan “Trendsetter Since Birth” and is a little fashionista! 

Wanna see more of Milan? Of course you do!

Follow Milan on Instagram @Milan_Rhian to keep up with with this mini fashionista.

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