Trendsetter Alert: Look Who Wore It! Ariana (April 2020)

Trendsetter Alert: Look Who Wore It! Ariana (April 2020)

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Spotlight of Instagram toddler wearing Rah Love’s Boutique fashion. #RLBKids

April 2020


This month’s Instagram spotlight is...



Ariana is 2 years old and lives in Alabama. We asked Amber (Ariana’s mom) some questions about Ariana and this is what she had to say about her little trendsetter.

Denim Tulle dress Toddler clothing little girl trendy

Picture: Denim Tulle Dress


QHow would you describe Ariana's personality?

A: "Ariana is a bit of a sour patch kid. Before she knows a person she’s standoffish and will give them the stink eye while hugging mommy’s leg. Once she warms up she is as sweet as can be! She’ll sing to you, dance for you, and give you a million high fives. Her smile is infectious."


Q: How would you describe her style?

A: "Ariana prefers clothes that are ready for playtime. She wants to be able to run, jump, and climb without being held back. Cute but also practical. There are times, however, when she will pick out a tutu and demand to wear it out and outing or go to bed in her Minnie Mouse gloves."
Mini Boss set Toddler clothing

 Picture: Mini Boss Set

QWhat is Ariana's favorite thing to wear?

A: "Ariana’s all time favorite thing to wear is a pair of footed pajamas (yes, they must be footed). Everything is right with the world when she has on footed pajamas. Some secondary favorites include glasses/sunglasses and boots."
  Q: What is something Ariana can not leave home without? 

A: "Ariana is adventurous and loves to experience new things (especially new toys). But when she finds something she likes, she will cling to it for quite some time. Let’s say today is a stuffed wolf kind of day. The stuffed wolf will be head from the time she opens her eyes until bedtime. The wolf will go on play dates, to the store, to gymnastics class. Everywhere that Ari goes the wolf is sure to go. Other days she is like, “I hope I don’t sound ridiculous but I don’t know that wolf.”

 Leather Biker jacket faux toddler cute kids black

 Picture: Leather Biker Jacket 


"Her personal style is still developing but she is aware, and wants a say, in how she presents herself to the world."~ Amber

Feather Sweater Toddler Pink Little girl

Picture: Feather Sweater

Q: Name a word or phrase she says all the time. 

A: "Oh what happened?!"

Q: Name some of your favorite brands Ariana wears often.

A: "We don’t really have a favorite brand. Ariana has clothes from big brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and Zara, every day brands like Target and Carter’s, and some great finds from boutique discovered on Instagram." 

Q: When did you notice Ariana was interested in fashion?

A: "It was clear that Ariana liked clothes when she refused to be naked. However, around 18 months she had preferences for certain clothing items. She also did not like to see other children wearing the same thing as her. Her personal style is still developing but she is aware, and wants a say, in how she presents herself to the world." 

Ariana embodies our slogan “Trendsetter Since Birth” and is absolutely adorable! 

Wanna see more of Ariana? Of course you do!

Follow her Instagram @Arianalynettte to see all of her cuteness! You can also check her out on her cousin's Instagram page @Dreamsarefareal where she is frequently featured. Ariana is a brand rep for Rah Love's Boutique. 

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